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We Are The Champions!

I seem to have become a different person. From the anxiety and complete lack of confidence I have had for some time (very much reinforced by my experiences in my previous job), I have made a complete turn around. This week I have been confident and outgoing, spoken to and made friends with lots of people.

Not only that, but other things have changed too. All my life I have been disorganised. So much so that every single teacher, and every boss, has brought it up as an issue. My general organisation and time management skills have always been laughably bad. But this week I was specifically complimented on my organisation skills, both in my own organisation and my ability to organise our group! It is amazing what happens when you have some real passion for something 🙂

This week has been great, and incredibly useful. I now feel far more comfortable with the start of freshers fayre next week thanks to already being familiar with the campus, already knowing some students, and having already got things like my network login sorted. On top of this the lectures on study skills and so on that I have had this have really boosted my confidence, and I now know where to get plenty more help. Not to mention knowing where all the other support such as counselling, advice, and so on are. If you are a new student and your university runs a head start programme, I highly recommend it!

I have been so enthused by this week that I have even signed up to be a student ambassador, doing things like helping out with weeks like this one (our student ambassadors were fantastic!). As well as being paid work that looks to be very rewarding, it will also help me improve my presentation skills, and look great on my CV (alongside Student Rep for Student Member Group of BPS which I have also applied for!).

Talking about presentations, our group project went fantastic! We finished bang on time, everyone presented their part brilliantly, and the video interview we put in seemed to impress everyone. We got lots of compliments all round 🙂

I feel great!

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