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I have an identity!

Today I collected my ID cards for my placement. Yes, plural. That confused me too! It turns out (and I’m surprised I didn’t twig on this earlier) that people who need to access the secure wards get two cards because one is left at security in exchange for keys.

So I am now officially a card-carrying member of the NHS. Quite exciting really (it doesnt take much). I also got my library card today so I can take books out of the staff library. That just leaves one more card to get – my smartcard. This is the card required to access patient files so obviously I won’t get it until after induction and training (which starts Monday!) I am struggling to imagine what is covered in seven days of induction (and I’m doing the short course!) but I’m sure I will enjoy it. After all I am a hog for any kind of learning!

I showed my supervisor my work so far and discussed the ideas I have had. She seemed quite happy with it all, which is a relief! I was worried she wouldn’t be satisfied with how much I had done, or that she might react unfavourably to my suggestions but so far all my work has been warmly received and appreciated (quite a change from my previous career!)

One of the ideas I came up with was to make some easy-read versions of our drug awareness leaflets. Statistically substance abusing offenders with “severe and enduring” mental health issues are not the most likely to be especially literate, so it actually surprised me a little that no easy-read material has been produced yet. Now I face the challenge of putting some together, despite my complete lack of artistic talent (preventing me from drawing any funky cartoon characters). In fact it is down to just me and my stunted creativity.

Any suggestions?

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