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Thin – A Documentary

Thin (2006) is a documentary about four women in Renfrew eating disorder clinic in Florida, and provides an insight into the pain and struggle of battling eating disorders as well as a glimpse of what the inside of an eating disorder clinic is like. A number of my current and past friends have struggled with eating disorders in their past, including my partner, and one of my good friends spent a few years working in such a clinic, so I found this documentary very interesting and informative. It is also powerful.


Mental Health Labels

How powerful is a label? Do we live the labels we are given? Do we treat others according to the labels they are ascribed? This beautiful video by Storey reminds us of the importance of thinking about these things, and as an added benefit all proceeds from purchasing the song (available on iTunes) go to the NHS West London Mental Health Trust “Open Minds” campaign!

It’s worth watching full-screen on HD if you can (click the button that says “360p” when the video starts playing and choose “720p HD”

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