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Your life is going on as usual, your habits and routines pass every day, and then suddenly, without warning, something happens and you have to make a choice. A choice between something new and unknown, or the safety of continuity – keeping to your established life. What do you choose?

Something I was reading today (Metro 2033) made me think about this. The protagonist of this novel was suddenly faced with a vision that made his head rush, something that was slowly creeping into his conscious understanding and he knew he would never be the same once it did so. But the power the vision and the fear of the unknown made him panic and withdraw, and it faded to nothingness. Afterwards he chided himself for stepping back from his experience, knowing that he would never again have that opportunity.

When faced with something new, something different or unknown, how do you react? As strong as human curiosity is, we can also be cautious to the point of being neophobic. No matter what you like to think you are, or how you would like to react, when that one thing appears where you have to make a split second decision – that is when the deepest nature of your personality will show.

After watching Yes Man and re-watching Dead Poet Society I have been working on saying “yes” to all opportunities presented to me. Although, also learning from both films, I am retaining my right to say “no” when I have a good reason to. But is this attitude incorporated into my deeper personality? I believe in the phrase “fake it till you make it” (particularly for self-confidence!), but am I still at the stage of faking it? If presented with something huge will I draw back in fear and miss my chance, or will I dive in head first?

What about you?

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