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Volunteering and Student Rep Awards

Although the academic year is basically over, all the exams have finished and students are preparing to go home, there are still a few things left happening at the university. For example there is FACE week next week (the Festival of Awareness and Creative Expression) which is worth sticking around for. There will be performances, stalls, and various things put on by all the Societies so you can expect lots of fun happening s throughout the week (there’s a reason it’s sometimes called “reFreshers week”!)

Aside from that there was also the Volunteering and Student Rep awards this evening, where dedicated students are recognised by the university, the union, and the Mayor of Hillingdon for their work within and outside the university. This year Brunel students logged eight -thousand hours of volunteer work across something like 65 different organisations. That is a massive achievement and really speaks to the community spirit of a lot of the students here. If you volunteer and you don’t log your hours with the Volunteer Service – why not?? Get signed up, log your hours, and next year you too can be enjoying a free meal and free wine 😉

The awards are a fantastic ceremony, and this year it seems they listened to the grumbles that last years speeches were a bit long as no one seemed to speak for more than five minutes! At first sat in a full room and not recognising a single person is daunting, and I missed having all my fellow reps there (in the previous year I believe every rep was invited to the ceremony). However it turned out to be a fantastic experience to speak to students from all different schools across the year and make some new aquaintances.

Although at this point I am kicking myself for not logging my own volunteer hours (curse my intense revision schedule!), I was proud to receive an award for something else – Student Rep of the Year for Social Sciences. I do feel a little guilty about it because I know there are other reps, one in particular who made a fantasic amount of effort through the year and achieved a great amount, who deserve the award.

I would like to say thank you to all the students in my year, without you guys making use of me this wouldn’t have been possible! Also to all the other Social Sciences reps who all do fantastic work 🙂

New Psychology Newsletter

I have spent much of the past two weeks working on the new newsletter / magazine for Brunel Psychology Society, and now it is done!

So head over to and have a read, then come back here and let me know what you think! 🙂

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