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Welcome to Pavlov’s Couch, here you can follow the ongoing adventures of a London psychology undergraduate as he progresses through his degree. Watch him develop and change as the course progresses and he learns more about himself, watch his –

Ah stuff that for a biscuit! Writing in third person is so awkward, and frankly just pretentious. Especially for a blog. So yes, I am an undergraduate in London studying Psychology BSc, and at the time of this writing I haven’t even started my course yet. I am a mature student (late 20s), and have had personal experience in a number of areas of mental illness. This blog is not intended as a diary of my life – don’t get me started on how boring THOSE kind of blogs are! – but as a way for me to share what I am learning, and chronicle my development as I am personally shaped and changed by what I learn.

As well as my psychology-based musings, learnings, and so on, I will also post reviews of the psychology books I read. The intent here is that you, my wonderful reader (notice the lack of pluralisation?), may stumble across a book that is just right for your interests. Also because I’m an opinionated little tyke and love the sound of my own typing.

My current main interests in psychology are (in no specific order):

  • Perception – Particularly “faults” in perception, like optical illusions and synesthesis
  • Psychopathology
    • Depression, self harm, suicide
    • Schizophrenia
    • Autism and Aspergers
    • PTSD
  • Social psychology
    • How we relate to each other
    • Attachment Theory
    • Experimental social psychology; Festinger, Zimbardo, Milgram etc.
  • Neuropsychology
  • Counselling and therapy, particularly psychodynamic

My goal is, currently, to go into Clinical Psychology. I know that this is incredibly competitive, and will take a lot of work to make happen so I am aiming for a First in my Undergraduate. At the same time I am very nervous about everything and really hope I can make it all happen!

Oh, and by the way: In case you were wondering where “Psychology Student #-55” came from, it is a very nerdy reference! I wanted to call myself by “Psychology Student #…” but #1 just sounded too “woo look at me, I’m number one!”. After thinking for a while I settled on -55 which is an important number in action potentials (related to the firing of neurons).

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey there!

    Just joined blogspot and found your blog my accident! Just saying hello!

    Take care

  2. Out of curiosity, do you know much about logotherapy? Is it covered anywhere in your course?
    Suicide, a Biography

  3. The Bipolar Project on said:

    Hi, I just came across your blog. Such an interesting concept you have!

    I am also studying toward becoming a Clinical Psychologist. I am currently in my sixth year, and doing my Masters. I write about this on my own blog, The Bipolar Project. Primarily, I write about withdrawing my medication, but since that goes on hold quite a bit I have to write about other stuff too. It’s sort of a cross between a boring-read-about-the-mundane-events-in-my-life blog and an informative sort of thing. I try to do less of the boring and more of the informative. Stop by if you so desire πŸ™‚

    I look forward to keeping up with your posts!


  4. Hello,
    I am a first year distance learning student studying for a psychology degree. Is this blog still active? You’re social influences was a benificial read for my modular assignment. Are there books you can recommend on essay writing? as I hope to do a masters so aim for 2:1’s!!
    in your experience can you offer some insight and study tips to someone hoping to persue psychology as a career, even though it’s very competitive, asyou said. Im studious but not academic & do worry about losing out on postgraduate Places to candidates with a stronger paper application
    Thank you kindly


  5. Hi,

    I really love your blog! I am currently studying Psychology the same uni you went to and I am doing one of your essays. It’s given me a great guide on how to structure my essay and how simple I should make my essays as I didn’t do too well in my first one. As I am in my first years is there any advice and tips to give me because I want to aim for a first! πŸ™‚

    • Hi there!

      I’m really glad you find my blog interesting and useful, I will send you an email with my facebook details so I can talk to you there (I’m still at the university) but my biggest tip is this: Revision should be done constantly, all through the year, not just at the end of the year before exams. That time before exams shouldn’t be used to memorise the lecture material but to work on trying it all together and bringing in extra reading!

      Good luck! πŸ™‚

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