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Helping out a budding psychologist

I don’t usually do this but: I’ve been contacted by an American high school student called Trisha whos is looking for participants to take an online survey as part of her Social Science research project entitled Effects of Perceived Responsiveness on Peer Conflict. It actually looks like a pretty well put together study so if anyone can spare some minutes to fill it out, please do!

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5 thoughts on “Helping out a budding psychologist

  1. Ian Wright on said:

    The survey seems aimed specifically at teenage girls. It’s too slanted and can therefore not be representational, except for teenage female respondents. For example, “exclusion” is a specifically female response. Few people will admit to the many negative qualities described in the questionnaire; you might consider rephrasing the questions more positively. Most respondents will still want to “look good”, even if only because they would feel bad admitting ther bulying way of life.

  2. Howisbradley on said:

    I’ll check out the survey. It’s good to see you did a post. You’ve been missed

    • Thanks Bradley 🙂 I had some…trouble related to my blog so had to remove a lot of content 😦 Can tell you about it by email if you drop me a note.
      How are you doing?

      • Howisbradley on said:

        I’m doing much better these days. Well, at least most of the time. I can’t locate an email address or a contact form to reach you. You can get ahold of my via [deletia] I’d love to catch up on how you’re doing.

  3. Ian Wright on said:

    The survey seems unfortunately aimed at schoolgirls, rather than at respondents of a spread of age and gender. It also seems not well planned or implemented, with little or no thought given to how people want to think of themselves or to be thought about by others. I’m not sure what the purpose of the survey might be, but it seems to look for answers to “how big a shiN^N^N^ bully are you”? Gosh, it leaves so many questions…

    Perhaps I’m completely wrong. Anyone else have thoughts about the survey?

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