Pavlov's Couch

A Psychology Student's Mental Experience

Nothing Goes Quite To Plan

I need a third reference before I can start my placement, so my placement start date has been put back. I am also having to request some training I have been put on be rescheduled (not the easiest thing in the world considering it’s a three month training in a group. And my exam for my level 2 NVQ in Mental Health Work was rescheduled at last minute too!

There’s one thing I’ve learned in life: That I have to be flexible!

I have also decided to withdraw my application to be Course Rep for the new academic year. After giving it some serious considering I’ve concluded that seeing as I am on placement for the first term of the year and have so many other things going on that I would not be able to dedicate the right amount of time or energy to being course rep this time around. It is a pity as I have really enjoyed my work as a course rep this year, however in the best interests of my degree and for the best support for everyone else it is the best decision.

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