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Life Goal

I have been thinking recently about my life, about the choices I make, about the things I do. This has raised the question in my mind: why?

What exactly am I aiming at, what do I want from life? I know I want to help others, that I want to be some kind of therapist, but again I ask myself why. What makes me want to help others so much? Is there something, some goal that when I reach it I Will feel fulfilled? Some psychologists believe that all our behaviour is driven by a core desire; to be famous, to be loved, to be rich, to have big family, that kind of thing.

It is important to have goals to drive you forward. Having a definite goal is especially important when working on a degree because it is what will motivate you to work harder, to get that good grade you know deep down you can. But if you want to be a therapist you have to look deeply at exactly *why* you are doing it. Because your motivations, whether you are consciously aware of them or not, can have an affect on the therapy you provide for your clients. One example motivation is to become a ‘rescuer’, playing out anxieties from childhood where you have lost someone close to you. This can be very damaging for the client as it forces them into the ‘victim’ role. But if you are aware of it you can manage it and prevent it from interfering.

Heck, I have even heard anecdotally that some training therapists have abandoned their new career completely once they uncovered what was motivating them.

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3 thoughts on “Life Goal

  1. william on said:

    You know that you have an inferiority complex. At least I think that is a big driving force for me.

  2. And its that screech for answers which is pushing you towards this career type.

    And in answer to your question – only you can answer that.

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