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It’s Raining Awards!

Although I do the extra work I do because I enjoy it, and enjoy supporting others, it is always nice to receive recognition of your hard work. So I was thrilled the other day when at the Brunel Volunteer Awards I was awarded not one, but three awards!

The first was a certificate to say I had successfully discharged my duties as a Course Rep. Although this one was a simple certificate that was awarded to all Course Reps who had attended the Student Staff Liason meetings, and was awarded without ceremony but just handed out from the sign-in desk, I still value it because I take my role as Course Rep very seriously. For me this role is not just about responding to issues, but also seeking out opportunities to represent the opinions of the students on my course wherever possible. To this end I always volunteer to fill out survey forms, and to attend focus groups. Three such groups I have attended this year include Improving Education at Brunel (looking at new methods, practices, and tools that can be used in lectures), DDS/Library Focus Group (looking at how the library can improve its services for disabled students), and the Brunel Vision and Values Focus Group (looking at how well the vision and Values are reflected in the Student experience, and what changes need to be made to the vision and values going forward). I know its only a piece of paper, but to me it is a symbol of my dedication to the role over the year.

Next I received a Gold Award certificate for volunteering over 100 hours. Amazingly at MIND I have clocked in over three hundred hours over a year! And I have to say it has been an incredible experience, I have learned and experienced a whole wealth of things I would never have had the chance to otherwise, as well as having been able to contribute my time to helping others. Honestly I think that everyone should do enough volunteering to get this award – I have only given up one day a week that I would otherwise have spent watching movies and playing Xbox. So to those of you who don’t volunteer I have only this to say: why not?

Finally I was awarded a certificate in recognition of my contribution to the union, thanks to my work with the psychology Society. Anyone who has spoken to me knows how passionate I am about the psychology Society, so putting in the time and effort is a pleasure for me. I have big plans for the society and really enjoy building it up in different ways. However there is no doubt that it can sometimes be stressful and a lot of work, the majority of which goes on behind the scenes, so it is wonderful again to have that effort recognised – it certainly inspires me to keep it up!

So I would like to say thank-you to UBS, MIND in Camden, my fellow Psychology Society committee members, and to all the students and service users I have met this year. You all made this not only possible, but easy – because it was such a pleasure to do!

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